New Book By Dr Alex Odora: White Man’s God-Black Man’s Burden

Are there any logical reasons to believe in a White Christian God? Given the feeble arguments for God’s existence, one might reasonably suspect – that is, if one lived on a different planet – that atheism, agnosticism or secularism, would be more accepted, perhaps even approved of. The concept of God or spirituality that existed in pre-colonial and pre-Christian Africa is starkly different from that introduced to Africans and Blacks in Africa and elsewhere by the missionaries, slave owners and the colonisers. Religion and God, as propagated by Slave Masters, Colonialists and Missionaries, is based on western culture, norms and practices.

The language of religion, like colonialism and imperialism, is sold to black victims in terms of civilising missions, Christianisation of natives and development.  In the WHITE MAN’S GOD: BLACK MAN’S BURDEN, the author presents persuasive arguments that refute religious dogmas put forward by the Church leadership and believers in God’s existence. The teaching by Christian missionaries, slave traders and the colonisers were fundamental in creating the type of God currently Africans and Blacks worship notwithstanding that the basis of that belief is fundamentally flawed and racist.

The author posits that the ‘mental bondage’ conundrum, some intellectuals describe as ‘colonial or mental slavery’, is inculcated in the minds of Africans and Blacks by the Christian missionaries, slave owners and the colonisers based on educational system that prioritised white superiority, domination and racism.

The western culture, norms and practices conditioned the descendants of black slaves and colonised people to worship a White Man’s God which subsequently became a Black Man’s Burden. Belief in God, as practised in post-colonial Africa has nothing to do with Africa’s pre-colonial and pre-Christian spirituality, but the imposition of western cultures and norms based on conquest, slavery and colonisation of the black race. Western institutions created after World War II continues to sustain black inferiority, white domination and worship of a white God.

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